M&D Fall 2015

This Fall, M&D students investigated the Kiosk Tropical, the exercise was named as such after the very well known Maison Tropicale designed by Jean Prouvé. The goal of M&D courses is to let students experience peer-to-peer / horizontal learning (what happens in makerspaces or FabLabs), understand what prototyping means and learning from prototyping, learn to create open-source manuals so others can build upon their solution, explore designing and building with as little resource as possible and with and for people with no resources (i.e. be smart with the resources at hand, i.e. contribute to the circular economy). Teams had to work on a plug-in to integrate to the frame of the spacecraft. Students had also to create an Afrofuturistic image of the solution imagined.

Students experimented with the following:

  • Prototyping a machine to make PET plastic ribbons out of plastic bottles (TIBOURKI, Al Mahdi + KSIKES, Amine)
  • Hacking a 3D printer to be able to 3D print using PET plastic ribbons made out of plastic bottles (ABDELKADOUS, Mouna + POUMAILLEUX, Alexis + SORTES, Thibault)
  • Investigating a number of Japanese knot techniques to tie bamboo with plastic ribbons (El SOKARY, Amin + MIYAJI, Karin)
  • Designing a prefabricated facade bamboo skeleton using the knots investigated and the plastic ribbons (FICINI, Elisa + JIAZHEN, Lin + KIERZKWOWSKA-KLYS, Maria + Le NAY, Erwan)
  • Designing a facade system that used the facade bamboo skeleton for growing air filtering plants (CANADAS MEGIA, Pilar + GUIRARD, Vincent + LEFEBVRE, Isabelle + ORTEGA, Carla)
  • Prototyping a mechanical water pump for hydroponic farming system used to water the air filtering plants (KENNEDY, Laura + STEPHENS, Amanda)
  • Designing a water filtering system for growing vegetables (BONGARD, Tomas + BUREL, Clara + MORBELLI, Delna), water that also ends-up in the fish tank (part of the hydroponic  and mechanical water pump system).

Thank you to OSSEO-ASARE, Dk, AMP co-founder, for being part of the mid-review. Thank you to CHICOTEAU, Félix and GIROUD, Thomas, former M&D students, for being part of the Final Jury.

Final perspective System 1 M&D 2015 PET Plastic machine