‘Makers’, africanos que construyen innovación (El Pais – Spanish)
Techopedia explains “maker movement
MIT D-Lab, Development through Dialogue, Design, Dissemination – Learn-it Kits
Ghana Makers (Facebook group)
iFixit: Repair Manuals – Fix your own hardware with our free service manuals
Togolese Student Builds Humanoid Robot Almost Entirely From Old TV Parts (Popular Science blog post)
Making the Case for Making in Schools
Invent to Learn
19-Year-Old Kenyan Starts Company to Eradicate Electronic Waste in Africa


Scientific articles concerning Agbogbloshie, 3E-materials and recycling
A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana
(NYT slideshow)
Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground (Video)
The Digital Dump: Exporting Re-use and Abuse to Africa (Trailer)
Mike Anane on Facebook
Korle Lagoon Ecological Restoration Project – KLERP
Dying Korle Lagoon: “Experts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have declared the lagoon virtually dead, since it can no longer clean itself of the effluent discharge from the highly populated residents on its banks.”
The global network for the urban poor: A decade of Struggles and Lessons in Old Fadama
Jack Caravanos, Edith Clark, Richard Fuller, Calah Lambertson, Assessing Worker and Environmental Chemical Exposure Risks at an e-Waste Recycling and Disposal Site in Accra, Ghana, Journal of Health & Pollution
Greenpeace: Chemical contamination at e-waste recycling and disposable sites in Accra and Korforidua, Ghana + Poisoning the poor: electronic waste in Ghana
Aerial image of Korle Lagoon on wikipedia
Life Fragments – Raph’s blog – Agbogbloshie (Impressive photographs)
Old Fadama – Community Recycled
Ghanaians learn to deal with e-waste, recycle fridges into kitchenware
Participatory Slum Upgrading and Prevention, Millennium City of Accra, Ghana – UN Habitat + AMA (.pdf with maps)
The Rockefeller Foundation’s Informal City Dialogues – Accra, Ghana
Yepoka Yeebo, The bridge to Sodom and Gomorrah


Waste Land (Trailer)
L’Africaine d’Architecture
2013 Centennial Innovation Challenge
The Informal City Reader
Kiosk Culture
Themis Chronopoulos, “Neo-liberal reform and urban space: the cartoneros of Buenos Aires, 2001-2005“, City, vol. 10, nº 2, July 2006


Basel Action Network
The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Video)
Recycling: from e-waste to resources (UNEP .pdf)
Nitin Gupta presents Attero Recycling, “the only end-to-end e-waste recycling company in India.” (videos)
2012 Ghana E-waste Academy
STEP – Solving the E-waste Problem
Guide Eco-conception des éco-organismes DEEE | Ecodesign Guide of WEEE Compliance Schemes
La mort programmée de nos appareils (video)
Electrocycle: “l’asso D3E agit pour améliorer le réemploi et la réutilisation des équipements électriques et électroniques”
Terra Blight – New Documentary Shows Scale of the E-waste Problem (Blog post and Trailer). Terra Blight official webpage.
Healthy Stuff – Research toxic chemicals in everyday products: 2012 Mobile Phone Study
Test Detail High Toxic Levels At School Market Neighboring Informal African E-waste Salvage Site
La Tragédie Electronique / The E-Waste Tragedy, a documentary by Cosima Dannoritzer (France – Espagne, 2014, 86 min.)


Copper Wire Recycling (blog)
Jean-Marc Huygen, La poubelle et l’Architecte : vers le réemploi des matériaux (Actes Sud, 2008)
From E-Waste to Geek Chic: Upcycled Jewelry by Yuma Fujimaki (Blog post)
A waste recycling facility to be built partly out of e-waste parts. More on Eco-Question.
The upgradable, recyclable Bloom laptop concept – “Upgrading is also much easier, as users can just pop out the obsolete piece, buy a new one, then pop it in.” (Gizmag blog post)
Eco-friendly circuit boards releases its electronics when exposed to hot water (Gizmag blog post)
Superuse – Where Recycling Meets Design
Short on Space, Taiwan Embraces a Boom in Recycling


Kijani Grows by Eric Maundu: Internet of food: Arduino-based, urban aquaponics in Oakland (Youtube video). “Kijani Grows (“Kijani” is Swahili for green), a small startup that designs and sells custom aquaponics systems for growing food and attempts to explore new frontiers of computer-controlled gardening.”
Designing a Cleaner Future: “Bicyclean, a 2012 thesis project that helps recycle e-waste in developing nations, wins silver at Acer Incredible Green Contest” – Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani
Frugal Digital by Vinay Venkatranam
ThinkerToys – “converting e-waste into educational toys.”