In the Makers and Development (M&D) library below you will find manuals, our M&D research to start off your own spacecraft, and M&D project.

Note on 3E-manuals: Information about equipment are designed to fit on a single A4 sheet of paper, folded in thirds twice. Includes basic information about material composition, parts and components, hazardous materials, urban mining opportunities, tools for disassembly, steps for disassembly, safety gear, and ideas and opportunities remaking.

Preference given here to use of term “EEE” or “3E-“ instead of Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE or e-waste). This is because waste is not the same as scrap. Equipment that does not work anymore may still be repairable, have salvageable parts or components, include recyclable materials–often relatively valuable, that people will buy–and/or hazardous ones, that need to be handled and disposed of properly.

Scrap or End-of-Life (EOL) equipment and scrap materials play a critical step in the recycling process, just after repairing and refurbishing, and before upcycling. At the same time, knowing how to make and un-make equipment is a key part of amplifying your potential. These 3E-manuals are proof of concept and still early stage. Please be in touch if you have ideas, references or energy to contribute.