The Technology Partner helping lead codesign of the AMP digital platform (starting with the AMP app for Android) is Accra-based The Cobalt Partners.

One Scenario for AMP App s developed by M&D Students Chebab Hussein, Komar Anna and Skibinski Dominik inquired about how to earn “master maker” status (see image below). Students DIENG,  Dior + ESPEJO FERNANDEZ, Adrien and HABIS, Tara got selected to join the (Bazaar Strategies + &) team in Ghana this July-August 2015 to work further on the Building Trust Project. Tara could not make it, but BASTIAN, Hadrien joined the happy crowd!

Mastermaker Screenshot 2015

Screenshots of Alpha Version of AMP App developed in collaboration with Bazaar Strategies and The Cobalt Partners in the summer of 2015.


Further User eXperience conducted by Ashesi Students.