Through Interclass innovation (ii), participants gain exposure to new horizons of digital fabrication, collectively, through a series of maker camps called “qamp” (see list below) spanning design research to fieldwork, community outreach and workshops with stakeholders to materials testing and prototyping solutions.

Workshops held and their summary:

ampqamp 2020Stay tuned for more details.
Accra Timber Market build, 2019Construction of a workshop in the Accra Timber Market, next to the Agbogbloshie scrapyard, for on-demand fabrication of AMP spacecraft. Made out of scrap metal from fabrication of the Spacecraft_ZKM.
Season of Media Arts: City of Participative Visions, 2019Weekly lectures, talks and hands-on workshops held at the Spacecraft_ZKM, including a workshop on building a DIY particulate matter sensor and following fine-dust measurements, as well as “data labs” for conducting data analytics. 
Artistic research seminar NO FAQ, 2019Master students of the Faculty for Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology present results of their research seminar on African digitality and postcolonial utopias at Spacecraft_ZKM.
Collective Data between Accra and Karlsruhe, 2018Collaborative workshop triangulating the Ashesi Design Lab, FabLab Karlsruhe, OK Lab and ZKM | Center for Arts and Media to prototype and test the scanopy environmental sensor kit.
Assembly and installation of Spacecraft_ZKM, 2018Workshop with Master of Architecture students from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (with remote assistance from students at Penn State University) to install Spacecraft_ZKM at the Center for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.
SPACECRAFT_KërThiossane Prototypage d’une unité de production communautaire, 2018Maker workshop to design/build Spacecraft_KT (second-generation AMP spacecraft) together with fablab Defko Ak Niëp and Kër Thiossane, a community-based arts and technology hub in Dakar, Senegal.
Design Innovation for Coastal Resilience, 2018Two-day maker workshop with Ashesi Design Lab, Penn State’s Alliance for Education, Science, Engineering and Design with Africa, and the AIR Centre, a trans-national research consortium. Part of developing the “scanopy” environmental sensor for third-generation AMP spacecraft.
ampqamp 2017Agbogbloshie makers collaborated on documenting their making process and products, for the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Production City: Recycling Network.
Prophecyting, 2016Agbogbloshie scrap dealers, together with Ashesi University students from Kobby Ankomah-Graham‘s seminar, helped Belgian-Beninese photograph artist Fabrice Monteiro and Senegalese fashion designer Doulsy scout locations and find materials for their Prophecy II photo series.
ampqamp 2016 – AMP App Testing in AgbogbloshieMasterCard Foundation Scholars from Ashesi University conducted user testing of the AMP mobile phone app with scrap dealers and makers in the Agbogbloshie scrapyard.
Smart Dome Homes for Africa, 2016 Ashesi D-Lab Maker Session at Impact Hub Accra
Princeton PACE Students in Agbogbloshie, 2016In January 2016 AMP ran a one-week #ampqamp with students from Princeton University’s PACE Center for Civic Engagement focused on making short health & safety videos for the Agbogbloshie scrap dealers community, narrated in Dagbani.
Innovate Ghana Prototyping Workshop, 2015 Finalists from Innovate Ghana‘s 2015 Design Challenge around problem areas of Water & Sanitation participated in a prototype design workshop at the Makerspace @Impact Hub Accra (December 19, 2015)
Ashesi University MasterCard Foundation Scholars Visit Agbogbloshie, 2015 Workshop at Impact Hub Accra and Agbogbloshie.
ampqamp 2015Building on student work around storyboarding in the latest M&D cycle—centered on codesign of the AMP app through a participatory design process involving Agbogbloshie scrap dealers, #STEAM students and recent graduates from Ghana, Senegal/Mali, Estonia, Russia, France and USA through collaboration between AMP, Bazaar Strategies and The Cobalt Partners with support from the Fetzer Institute.
Makers and Development Course at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Fall 2013-Fall 2015M&D derives as a term from a series of design research seminars/workshops (5 in total) conducted at l’École Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA 2013-2015), which opened students to the maker movement and reflecting on its pertinence for the developing world (benefiting from the research conducted by AMP in Agbogbloshie)
Agbogbloshie community outreach, 2014Meeting with Agbogbloshie workers and presentation of the Jerry computer
AMPQAMP: Maker Workshop  at Kokrobite Institute, 2014Engage with STEAM professionals in making of Jerry computer involving makers from the Woelab, experimenting with plastics and build the AMP spacecraft.
AMPQAMP: Design of spacesuit, 2014The design of spacesuit (utility shirt) for Agbogbloshie community.
AMPQAMP: Plastic Workshop, 2014Three weeks workshop to co-design and build the spacecraft with AMP makers. Recycling plastics at Rex cinema. Make tiles with different types of plastics by melting, and stewing methods.
Copper cable shredder, 2014Assembly of Hal & Matt copper cable shredder with Recyhub & creativity group from the College of Engineering KNUST. Presentation on AMP to students from Ashesi University and demonstration of copper cable shredding machine.
Remaking Agbogbloshie 2The conceptual design phase and brainstorming session. Involving visual & oral presentations.
Remaking Agbogbloshie 1Introduction to main Archibots design workshop. Provided information about AMP and introduced to participants, the idea of architecture robots
STEAM information sessionGive presentation to students from KNUST engineering and architecture departments about AMP. Interacted with and invited them to sign up.
STEAM workshopInteraction with students (STEAM) of University of Ghana Physics Department. Explained what AMP is and disassembled selected electronic equipment. Present were also students from the Central University College.
Fridge DisassemblyObserved and photographed the process of Refrigerator disassembly in Agbogbloshie, aided by Zackaria Mohammed (Agbogbloshie scrap dealer)
Afrimakers tourTour of Agbogbloshie with Afrimakers
NUMAPresentation at Mobile Monday event held at the NUMA, the first co-working space in Paris
Introducing AMPMet with executives of the Scrap Dealers’ Association
AMP outreachpresented AMP at Behance Portfolio Review – a MESH confab
Bamboo constructionDesign/build of art installation & bamboo stage for Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Water qualityDemonstration of water quality testing with Dr. Atiemo-Obeng and Renee Neblett

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