KNUST Creativity Group information session

On Monday, the 12th of May 2014, the AMP team was at the college of engineering KNUST, meeting up with the Creativity Group of the college and students from around the university, for an AMP information session. The session provided attendants with information about the QAMP summer program and invited them to be a part of the AMP maker collective. In addition to this, the team will also provided information about AMP workshops, such as the impending Archibots: Remaking Agbogblodshie workshop, future workshops and encouraged them to apply to attend these. The team learned a lot from the interaction. Some of the projects that the students of the creativity group, expressed interest in were the bicycle with a pedal-powered grinding wheel (for pulverizing electronic waste), the EEE manual and research into material flows. The team had a wonderful time at KNUST and looks forward to an exciting summer full of fresh ideas.

QAMP Information Session-02-01































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