2016 Summary, Welcome 2017!

Dear AMPers,

A happy new year from the AMP team!

2016 was rich in milestones and interclass innovation workshops to advance makers and development objectives:

The 2016 trip team, led by Sell and Christie Jiang, also a junior, split into three groups to tackle filming and editing. Each group focused on different topic areas – like copper burning(link is external), working with lead batteries(link is external), or the health hazards of aluminum(link is external). The students worked closely with on-the-ground support from AMP to meet and interview workers and community leaders at Agbogbloshie and better understand the complex workings of the scrapyard. (via Princeton University)

We are now ready for 2017 and looking forward to meeting you again for more special maker and interclass innovation events…

Best Regards,

The AMP Team

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AMP it up ;-)

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