Spacecrafting is a concept akin to wayfinding and navigation, but extends “knowing where you are, where you want to be and how to get there” to include “knowing how to craft what you want out of your space (environment)”.

AMP is an open architecture for crafting space: *Maker Kiosks (modular, prefab); Maker Kits (custom, portable); and a Mobile App for makers. *Fabrication system for set of inter-coordinated tools/equipment used to “craft space”, i.e. help people to customize their environment. Whereas makerspaces are community labs or workshops fixed in place, spacecraft are more mobile and seek additionally to navigate and transform environment (like other crafts, e.g. hovercraft, watercraft, aircraft and spacefaring vehicles).

Hand, power and digital fabrication tools enable the spacecraft to replicate itself; a community kiosk made by hand together. The notion of crafting (making well by hand) here becomes a place where space is crafted across physical, virtual, augmented and digital realities.

The prototype spacecraft made in Agbogbloshie is a modular kinetic makerspace prototype that consists of two semi-octet truss frames with bifold hangar doors installed on recycled tire foundation pads constructed in situ.