AMP app testing project at Agbogbloshie

AMP Testing Project

Observations made by the team regarding the App

Below are the key insights from the team.


  • Many people at Agbogbloshie prefers to call than use the app, but the fact that it will connect them to many people and places is appreciated.
  • Most of them don’t have android phones
  • Most people don’t have time, instead their focus is getting cash
  • The app does not work on windows phone thus cannot be downloaded by those using the phone
  • Uploading pictures make the upload time longer
  • No upload progress shown and takes about 5-20 minutes to complete
  • The app does not show whether it is a request or an offer


  • Login should allow for registration of more than one number so that one person with a smartphone can register for as many people as possible, and can also upload items on their behalf
  • The prices on the app should be realistic and…

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