The Emergent Vernacular


The M&D seminar organized a round table on the emergent vernacular.

Behrang Fakharian, vernacular architecture expert and Sénamé Koffi A., architect and anthropologist, co-founder of the association L’Africaine d’Architecture and the Woelab, the first makerspace in Togo, have shared their respective experiences to explore the hypothesis that vernacular architecture and “open-source” design have comparable modes of production such as the peer-to-peer transmission of knowledge or the creation of “architecture without architectes”.

The Makers and Development seminar is a semester 6 course taught by Yasmine Abbas, Professeur Associé at l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture. People of the seminar MAKE, a semester 5 course taught by Marie Aquilino at l’ESA, joined the round table. The M&D and MAKE seminars are organized as a vertical offering to explore in depth issues of making in complex contexts.

We filmed the conference and we hope to share it with you very soon!

Meanwhile, find some readings/viewings on the neo-vernacular here and here.

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