Spring 2014 QAMP seminar – NUMA visit!

The 2014 Spring Seminar (Semester 6) has started ! Yasmine has scheduled a number of of activities such as the visit and workshop at the NUMA (previously La Cantine)–Paris first coworking space, participation in an e-waste dis-assembly workshop at La Rockette Libre and a round table to discuss about the new vernacular with Behrang Fakharian and Sénamé Koffi A. of L’Africaine d’Architecture and the Woelab.

Below are some pictures of the NUMA visit: Pictures of the students taking the seminar and engaging in workshop activities… Marie Aquilino and the students of her MAKE seminar (Semester 5) joined us this time and we are looking forward to more collaboration in the near future! Thank you to Hélène Girard and Claudio Vandi for hosting us.

IMG_3505 IMG_3515 IMG_3520 IMG_3527

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