Re-vegetate 2.0

As announced in a previous post, the idea here is to recycle old TV cases to create a soilless agriculture in Agbogbloshie.

Here are the different steps to create a Re-vegetating TV.



Put sand and soil in a TV case so it allows plants to grow in a “healthy middle”.






The idea here is to protect plants from acid rain and to create a water reserve.

We use for that corrugated iron (easily findable on site) to separate two different areas. Water so will be filtered.


TV avec poche eau




To complete the TV case, we add it a water pump made with iron tubes.

Easy to make, it will allow farmers to pump “healthy” rain water to water plants. According to seasons, that TV case will be self-sufficient to grow plants.



TV avec pompe




Here is a “blueprint” of how to use the water pump.


schéma pompe

2 thoughts on “Re-vegetate 2.0

  1. i like your concept of introducing hydroponics as a way of growing food in a system that is simultaneously part of Agbogbloshie (located within it’s boundaries) but apart (i.e. a soil-less growing medium that can be separate from the contaminated soils within the environment)

  2. have you looked at one of these old TV sets? are they actually watertight (i.e. does the case form a waterproof seal)?

    i think they often have perforation to vent heat build up during operation of the TV

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