Hub Cité

Thank you Sénamé for the wonderful and thought-provoking presentation at l’ESA this afternoon. We look forward to interact with L’Africaine d’Architecture in the near future!

[ See: Jerrytop workshop & ArchiCAMP 13 ]

Sénamé spoke eloquently about Low/High/Tech or how protagonists of vernacular architecture shared much with hackers in terms of philosophy and work ethic.

These values promote passionate and freely rhythmed work; the belief that individuals can create great things by joining forces in imaginative ways; and the need to maintain our existing ethical ideals, such as privacy and equality, in our new, increasingly technologized society. The Hacker Ethic takes us on a journey through fundamental questions about life in the information age-a trip of constant surprises, after which our time and our lives can be seen from unexpected perspectives.

Pekka Himanen, The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age (Random House, 2001)

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