Jerry outreach

Could Agbogbloshie begin to supply low-cost upcycled computers to children in Old Fadama? Could this scope expand beyond this territory to other parts of Accra and to the under-privileged in Ghana? Could this net expand to cover the entire African continent? Imagine upcycled computers, supplied to all parts of the world from Agbogbloshie. There is … Continue reading Jerry outreach

Made in Agbogbloshie

Agbogbloshie is a challenging site. As a space, Agbogbloshie is sensory overload: soil and water darkened from pollution exude noxious vapours under the heat of the sun; toxic fumes emanate from burning sites; the clamour of slamming hammers and banging chisels fills the air… But that is only part of the Agbogbloshie story. A closer look at … Continue reading Made in Agbogbloshie

A Spacesuit for the Spacecraft

All members of the Woelab (Togo first makerspace) who came to visit us in Kokrobitey were proudly wearing their African print Woelab shirt… It’s because “we are a community!” they proudly said. This is when I realized that the spacesuit that we were designing was more than a utility shirt to carry things around, gas … Continue reading A Spacesuit for the Spacecraft

Hazards of an Untamed Inferno

[By Louis, the medical student on the AMP team] Any time there is a threat of biological or chemical attack, the first you think about is personal safety. Aside finding environmentally-friendly and efficient solutions to managing mountain-high piles of used plastic products, the AMP also discovered how extremely poisonous it is to work in spaces like … Continue reading Hazards of an Untamed Inferno

#ampqamp14 – Weeek 1

First weeek =) of#ampqamp14 started at Hub Accra by a discussion of AMP’s objectives for the three coming weeeks: to co-design and build with AMP makers (comprising of STEAM students and graduates and eventually e-waste workers) a module of the spacecraft–AMP’s  makerspace–and share its progress with the community in Agbogbloshie. Participants started discussing the design … Continue reading #ampqamp14 – Weeek 1

Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie (design workshop)

The AMP team guided Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie design participants through Agbogbloshie by first introducing them to the the executives of the scrap dealers’ association. We proceeded through Rauf’s shop, where large volumes of refrigerators are processed, to the National Youth Authority Building, through dismantling and processing sites, past the areas where copper cables are burnt … Continue reading Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie (design workshop)

Call for Summer Internships

Are you interested in technology? Do you like making things? Does environmental pollution bother you? Have you ever imagined the future as something awesome? Are you a student or recent graduate in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, planning, architecture and design, or environment and natural resources? Apply today to be a part … Continue reading Call for Summer Internships

Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie

Re-making Agbogbloshie is a tap:Build design workshop conducted as part of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform QAMP series of maker workshops. MESH Ghana is the media partner. AMP approach contends that (domains of) architecture and electronics have converged. At such a moment — if we can make open, democratic and collective the capability of manipulating materials … Continue reading Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie

AMP workshop – dis-assembly of a refrigerator

Refrigerators are among the most dismantled electronic equipment in Agbogbloshie if not the most dismantled. This is evidenced by the large numbers of the post-dis-assembly debris found all over the Agbogbloshie landscape. Data from Customs, Excise and Preventive Services (CEPS), Government of Ghana, on the import of EEE (all products) was obtained for the period … Continue reading AMP workshop – dis-assembly of a refrigerator

Map of Agbogbloshie

“Map showing the study area.” in Martin Oteng-Ababio, Electronic Waste Management Ghana – Issues and Practices (.pdf) A conundrum is created as to whether e-waste recycling is an “economic boom or an environmental doom”. The nexus becomes more complex particularly at Agbogbloshie, the hub of e-waste activities in Ghana, where there is nothing like “waste”; … Continue reading Map of Agbogbloshie