A smokeless future for Agbogbloshie

In line with the intention to make tools for the remaking of the Agbogbloshie electronic landscape, the AMP team, in collaboration with Rafa Font of Recyhub, met at the Kokrobite institute to assemble the Hal Watts’ E-source– a man- powered copper cable shredder. The two day session commenced in high spirits with each person, contributing to the … Continue reading A smokeless future for Agbogbloshie

Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie (design workshop)

The AMP team guided Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie design participants through Agbogbloshie by first introducing them to the the executives of the scrap dealers’ association. We proceeded through Rauf’s shop, where large volumes of refrigerators are processed, to the National Youth Authority Building, through dismantling and processing sites, past the areas where copper cables are burnt … Continue reading Archibots: Remaking Agbogbloshie (design workshop)

Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie (intro session)

The first session of the Archibots workshop came off as scheduled on the May 30th 2014. The event was well attended by people from various disciplinary backgrounds. There were engineers, architects, CAD technicians, business men & women and lecturers as well as from various nationalities, such as Spain and the Netherlands. This was the introductory session … Continue reading Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie (intro session)

Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie

Re-making Agbogbloshie is a tap:Build design workshop conducted as part of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform QAMP series of maker workshops. MESH Ghana is the media partner. AMP approach contends that (domains of) architecture and electronics have converged. At such a moment — if we can make open, democratic and collective the capability of manipulating materials … Continue reading Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie

Afrimakers tour Agbogbloshie

The AMP team proudly hosted Afrimakers-Ghana at their Agbogbloshie site on the 13th of March 2014. The guided tour of the e-waste dump and maker community turned out to be highly informative for both groups, as it occurred amidst casual conversation and exchange of ideas. Among the Afrimakers group were, Stefania Druga (founder of HacKIDmedia, … Continue reading Afrimakers tour Agbogbloshie

Mapping Agbogbloshie

The past few weeks have been full of amazing new discoveries as the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) team continues to learn from and with the e-waste recycling and scrap dealers community, on site. Check out our Flickr map which will serve as a tool for documenting and better understanding this ecosystem within Accra’s urban ecology. … Continue reading Mapping Agbogbloshie

Re-vegetate Agbogbloshie

    Vegetation in Agbogbloshie is a real problem because of earth pollution. We can see that it lost around 90% of its surface in a decade. So what can we do to re-vegetate Agbogbloshie and allow healthy agriculture? We propose here to recycle dumped TV and computer cases in soilless agriculture furnitures.     … Continue reading Re-vegetate Agbogbloshie