Washing machines

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Download & 3E-Manuals

Download from a selection of 3E-Manuals (Electrical & Electronic Equipment) here below. You can also do a keyword search using the search bar or browse the cloud of tags. Enjoy making and let us know any edits to amplify this initial work. We look forward to hear from you: info@qamp.net! (A long-term goal of the AMP digital … Continue reading Download & 3E-Manuals


Our Theory of Change roadmap What is AMP? Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) is a transnational youth-driven project to promote maker ecosystems in Africa, starting at Agbogbloshie. Our agenda is collective action: join hands to prototype tools and co-create a hybrid digital-physical platform for recycling, making, sharing and trading. We maintain that to realize an innovative future … Continue reading About

The Sound of Plastic

There is more than e-waste processing happening in the open-air recycling factory: plastic processing represents a significant portion of Agbogbloshie’s ecosystem and economy. The plastic processing chain involves various actors (male and female — contrary to e-waste processing which does not employ female workers) and machines: Collectors get plastic waste from all around the city … Continue reading The Sound of Plastic