M&D Research

OUR MAKERS & DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH Flickr photo sets (albums) Flickr photos – Agbogbloshie-specific List of Electrical and Electronic Equipment dismantled at Agbogbloshie (observed 2014) Distribution of materials in 3E-stream (Put together by Material Scientist Ivy Asuo) Hazards of 3E-materials on human health (Put together by Material Scientist Ivy Asuo) Design thinking behind AMP and M&D: Osseo-Asare, D.K.; Abbas, Y., “Investigating … Continue reading M&D Research

Download & 3E-Manuals

Download from a selection of 3E-Manuals (Electrical & Electronic Equipment) here below. You can also do a keyword search using the search bar or browse the cloud of tags. Enjoy making and let us know any edits to amplify this initial work. We look forward to hear from you: info@qamp.net! (A long-term goal of the AMP digital … Continue reading Download & 3E-Manuals

Volunteers Day Out

AMP National Volunteers Day 2014 The stories we tell of ourselves affect our lives. At AMP, it has been our intention right from the onset to tell the untold stories of Agbogbloshie and its environs. Through mapping, interviews, photography and videos, we have sought to understand this vast and intense landscape, often denigrated by popular … Continue reading Volunteers Day Out

Listening to Agbogbloshie

Agbogbloshie has suffered incredibly from the single story syndrome, imposed on it by the media and those with the opportunity to tell its story. Beyond the e-waste, the burning and the hardship, that usually characterises the gruesome descriptions of this urban enclave and its surroundings, there are several industries and practices within this urban site … Continue reading Listening to Agbogbloshie

Makers’ Paradise and the Jerry!

Agbogbloshie e-waste dump as it is known, and portrayed by the media is more than just that. It is an e-resource repository; a source of valuable raw e-material and a makers’ paradise. On this e-turf, there are several players, whose operations  make it what it is. Zack is a young e-waste worker. He usually operates … Continue reading Makers’ Paradise and the Jerry!

The Sound of Plastic

There is more than e-waste processing happening in the open-air recycling factory: plastic processing represents a significant portion of Agbogbloshie’s ecosystem and economy. The plastic processing chain involves various actors (male and female — contrary to e-waste processing which does not employ female workers) and machines: Collectors get plastic waste from all around the city … Continue reading The Sound of Plastic

Re-vegetate Agbogbloshie

    Vegetation in Agbogbloshie is a real problem because of earth pollution. We can see that it lost around 90% of its surface in a decade. So what can we do to re-vegetate Agbogbloshie and allow healthy agriculture? We propose here to recycle dumped TV and computer cases in soilless agriculture furnitures.     … Continue reading Re-vegetate Agbogbloshie