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Plastic Micro-factories in Agbogbloshie

Plastic waste in Ghana has become a major social and ecological problem, due to the adverse effects of plastic pollution on both human health and the environment. Especially during periods of flooding, plastic waste chokes the drainage systems of most Ghanaian cities.  The need for initiatives to improve sanitation in our community is of great … Continue reading Plastic Micro-factories in Agbogbloshie

Plastic Experiments

As part of the AMPQAMP’s objective of building a spacecraft at Agbogbloshie for open source activities to take place, one of the activities was making tiles and panesl from recycled plastics to be used in the Spacecraft. Plastics are everyday materials used domestically and industrially. Statistically speaking, about 72% of our household appliances have some … Continue reading Plastic Experiments

The Sound of Plastic

There is more than e-waste processing happening in the open-air recycling factory: plastic processing represents a significant portion of Agbogbloshie’s ecosystem and economy. The plastic processing chain involves various actors (male and female — contrary to e-waste processing which does not employ female workers) and machines: Collectors get plastic waste from all around the city … Continue reading The Sound of Plastic


"The role of an artist is to be an activist"- #FabriceMonteiro #atAshesi— Philip Asare (@theophilipoo) October 05, 2016 View this post on Instagram Another prophecy is cooking#theprophecy#agbobloshie#ghana#ewaste #care for our planet#jahgal#ashesiuniversity#oafrica A post shared by Fabrice Monteiro (@studiofabricemonteiro) on Oct 8, 2016 at 11:13am PDT Today Agbogbloshie scrap dealers, together with Ashesi University students from … Continue reading Prophecyting

Download & 3E-Manuals

Download from a selection of 3E-Manuals (Electrical & Electronic Equipment) here below. You can also do a keyword search using the search bar or browse the cloud of tags. Enjoy making and let us know any edits to amplify this initial work. We look forward to hear from you:! (A long-term goal of the AMP digital … Continue reading Download & 3E-Manuals

M&D Fall 2015

This Fall, M&D students investigated the Kiosk Tropical, the exercise was named as such after the very well known Maison Tropicale designed by Jean Prouvé. The goal of M&D courses is to let students experience peer-to-peer / horizontal learning (what happens in makerspaces or FabLabs), understand what prototyping means and learning from prototyping, learn to … Continue reading M&D Fall 2015

M&D Super Concerned Citizens Special Investigators Series

This past fall 2014 semester at ESA, students were assigned to become “Super Concerned Citizens Special Investigators (SCCSI)” and make a movie summarizing their findings about e-waste. I am very proud of my students and I thank them for their dedication this semester! I am not uploading the videos because some have used copyrighted sound … Continue reading M&D Super Concerned Citizens Special Investigators Series

Mini-Kiln first prototype

Making a mobile oven, or mini-kiln; for melting plastics originally but whatever you need to bake. Pick or make the right caster wheels for the sort of mobility mini-kiln usage requires. Plastics constitute a significant portion of the Agbogbloshie waste stream, moving through stages of collection, sorting (by type and colour), cleaning, shredding and even … Continue reading Mini-Kiln first prototype

Agbogbloshie Material Metrics

The E-waste processing industry in Ghana has in recent times attracted much interest and research. However, one major hurdle in researching this urban phenomenon is inadequate records on volumes passing through such places as Agbogbloshie. This situation makes the task of describing it with specific and accurate numbers very difficult. Motivated by this, the AMP team has undertaken to … Continue reading Agbogbloshie Material Metrics