Mobile phones

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Agbogbloshie Mobile phone surgery

Dis-assembly of mobile phones constitute an increasingly significant facet of the e-waste industry here in Agbogbloshie. Metals from these phones form part of the urban mined resource of the city, albeit not as ubiquitous as other equipment such as refrigerators, and microwaves. As part of the process of making the AMP’s E-manuals, the team with its … Continue reading Agbogbloshie Mobile phone surgery

Momo Paris: the multiple facets of mobile usage in Africa

On May 19, 2014, Yasmine Abbas (AMP co-founder) gave a 10 minutes presentation on AMP and AMP’s mobile phone application for makers in Africa at the Mobile Monday (MoMo) event held at the NUMA. Currently the team uses mobile phone to map fieldwork in Agbogbloshie. The AMP digital platform, yet to be developed, is thought … Continue reading Momo Paris: the multiple facets of mobile usage in Africa

M&D Research

OUR MAKERS & DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH Flickr photo sets (albums) Flickr photos – Agbogbloshie-specific List of Electrical and Electronic Equipment dismantled at Agbogbloshie (observed 2014) Distribution of materials in 3E-stream (Put together by Material Scientist Ivy Asuo) Hazards of 3E-materials on human health (Put together by Material Scientist Ivy Asuo) Design thinking behind AMP and M&D: Osseo-Asare, D.K.; Abbas, Y., “Investigating … Continue reading M&D Research

Download & 3E-Manuals

Download from a selection of 3E-Manuals (Electrical & Electronic Equipment) here below. You can also do a keyword search using the search bar or browse the cloud of tags. Enjoy making and let us know any edits to amplify this initial work. We look forward to hear from you:! (A long-term goal of the AMP digital … Continue reading Download & 3E-Manuals

A Spacesuit for the Spacecraft

All members of the Woelab (Togo first makerspace) who came to visit us in Kokrobitey were proudly wearing their African print Woelab shirt… It’s because “we are a community!” they proudly said. This is when I realized that the spacesuit that we were designing was more than a utility shirt to carry things around, gas … Continue reading A Spacesuit for the Spacecraft

Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie

Re-making Agbogbloshie is a tap:Build design workshop conducted as part of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform QAMP series of maker workshops. MESH Ghana is the media partner. AMP approach contends that (domains of) architecture and electronics have converged. At such a moment — if we can make open, democratic and collective the capability of manipulating materials … Continue reading Archibots: Re-making Agbogbloshie


Through Interclass innovation (ii), participants gain exposure to new horizons of digital fabrication, collectively, through a series of maker camps called “qamp” (see list below) spanning design research to fieldwork, community outreach and workshops with stakeholders to materials testing and prototyping solutions. Workshops held and their summary: Workshops Summary ampqamp 2020 Stay tuned for more details. Accra Timber … Continue reading Workshops


Our Theory of Change roadmap What is AMP? Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) is a transnational youth-driven project to promote maker ecosystems in Africa, starting at Agbogbloshie. Our agenda is collective action: join hands to prototype tools and co-create a hybrid digital-physical platform for recycling, making, sharing and trading. We maintain that to realize an innovative future … Continue reading About