Princeton PACE students in Agbogbloshie

In January 2016 AMP ran a one-week #ampqamp with students from Princeton University’s PACE Center for Civic Engagement focused on making short health & safety videos for the Agbogbloshie scrap dealers community, narrated in Dagbani. This group of students, led by Ellie Sell ’17 and Christie Jiang ’17, opted not only to volunteer collaborating on the … Continue reading Princeton PACE students in Agbogbloshie

Ashesi University MasterCard Foundation Scholars visit Agbogbloshie

Students engaging in a debriefing session at the Hub Accra to talk about the sites visited @Ashesi @MCFoundation — Ashesi Design (@AshesiDesign) August 6, 2015 Talk on the concept of pyrolysis by @AmmaAninkora at Hub Accra. @Ashesi @MCFoundation — Ashesi Design (@AshesiDesign) August 6, 2015  

The Sounds of Agbogbloshie

We have a huge blog posts backlog, but here is at least one regarding sound recording conducted in Agbogbloshie on the 22/7/2014 (a while back!), the day Ellen Foster, PhD candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY visited AMP (Thank you for recording a major part of it). So much has been said about Agbogbloshie … Continue reading The Sounds of Agbogbloshie

Plastic Micro-factories in Agbogbloshie

Plastic waste in Ghana has become a major social and ecological problem, due to the adverse effects of plastic pollution on both human health and the environment. Especially during periods of flooding, plastic waste chokes the drainage systems of most Ghanaian cities.  The need for initiatives to improve sanitation in our community is of great … Continue reading Plastic Micro-factories in Agbogbloshie

Agbogbloshie Mobile phone surgery

Dis-assembly of mobile phones constitute an increasingly significant facet of the e-waste industry here in Agbogbloshie. Metals from these phones form part of the urban mined resource of the city, albeit not as ubiquitous as other equipment such as refrigerators, and microwaves. As part of the process of making the AMP’s E-manuals, the team with its … Continue reading Agbogbloshie Mobile phone surgery

Agbogbloshie Material Metrics

The E-waste processing industry in Ghana has in recent times attracted much interest and research. However, one major hurdle in researching this urban phenomenon is inadequate records on volumes passing through such places as Agbogbloshie. This situation makes the task of describing it with specific and accurate numbers very difficult. Motivated by this, the AMP team has undertaken to … Continue reading Agbogbloshie Material Metrics

Listening to Agbogbloshie

Agbogbloshie has suffered incredibly from the single story syndrome, imposed on it by the media and those with the opportunity to tell its story. Beyond the e-waste, the burning and the hardship, that usually characterises the gruesome descriptions of this urban enclave and its surroundings, there are several industries and practices within this urban site … Continue reading Listening to Agbogbloshie

Made in Agbogbloshie

Agbogbloshie is a challenging site. As a space, Agbogbloshie is sensory overload: soil and water darkened from pollution exude noxious vapours under the heat of the sun; toxic fumes emanate from burning sites; the clamour of slamming hammers and banging chisels fills the air… But that is only part of the Agbogbloshie story. A closer look at … Continue reading Made in Agbogbloshie